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New Puppy on the Block

Do you guys remember me writing to you a little over year ago about our "block dog?"

At the time, I referred to my favorite singer David Wilcox's song called "The Block Dog," and how we here in Caroga Lake also had a block dog named Logan.

Logan is a "free range" dog with the sweetest disposition in spite of his huge size and wolf-like appearance. He actually visits us daily to check in on our min-pin dog Oscar. The two have become great pals.

I should say Logan actually has an owner named Kenny who is a neighbor and loves his dog Logan enough to often post pictures of him on his facebook page. I include a couple with this column which also includes a new addition to the neighborhood, tentatively named Bandit, another Malamute like Logan which Kenny got from the same human owners as he originally got Logan many years ago.

As all dog owners know, you can never replace your old dog or cat for that matter. My new cat Jerry, who was pictured in last week's column is a wonderful cat but can never be just a "replacement" for Sam who passed away earlier this year at the ripe old age of 18. The same goes for our min-pin Oscar who we got in 2012 shortly after our 16-year-old Dalmatian Moxie passed away.

I'm sure Kenny feels the same about Logan as he is aging and bringing Bandit in as an addition to the family, not just a replacement for the aging Logan. I think Logan is about 12 or 13 and is starting to feel the years.

But before we write him off, Logan was still doing his rounds as of this morning. Kenny actually brought Bandit on his walk last week with Logan and we had them all in for what Steve Caporizzo likes to call a "meet and greet" when he speaks on Pet Connection which we all faithfully watch week nights on News CH10 at about 5:50PM on the CH10 5:30 NEWS. (I'm the "weather watcher" for Steve in Caroga Lake.)

Bandit waddled over to Oscar's food dish and helped himself to every last morsel while Logan and Oscar looked on with no protests. Now that's a sign of dogs getting along when there is no fighting over food!

We look forward to many more visits from Logan but also look forward to seeing Bandit grow up and try to fill Logan's very large paw prints.



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