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Spring In Full Flower In Our Home

Consider this my Mother’s Day gift of flowering plants.

Herman and I didn't notice our amaryllis had fully bloomed until the afternoon of May 4 as we were going out the door. As I use this door daily to get the morning sun on our back deck, I have noticed the long stem slowly rising from its winter dormancy as a bulb these past few days.

This flower is pretty spectacular and took my breath away when I saw it. I just said "Stop!" to Herman so we could take it in.

The thing is, the flower is at least 14 years old as it was given to us by our friend Ahne as a house warming present when we first moved into our newly built beach house in 2001. Ironically, I had an aide not too long ago who wondered if the bulb was garbage and was going to throw it out.

I was never a big house plant or garden person until my friend Terry started bringing greenery to our home over a decade ago. She brought a cutting from a palm tree from her home which has been cut back and replanted and is a good ten feet tall having "given birth" to another cutting nearly five feet tall. 

I enclose pictures of the "mother" palm tree as well as the amaryllis nestled next to a rubber plant and aloe, also both courtesy of Terry many years ago.

Our many plants include a Christmas cactus that just stopped blooming after a full month of non-stop blooms that greatly surprised us and the most recent addition, a baby cactus with pink flowers that Hermanette brought as a birthday gift and the newest addition to our "plant family."

So besides my adorable pets, the house is well oxygenated by all the greenery as well as adding beauty and peace wherever I look.

So spring is well sprung here and I hope you are all enjoying the greenery and warmth we richly deserve after this past winter!


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