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Art at Home Brings Serenity

Keeping with the theme of beauty in my home from last Sunday where I talked about my calendars, I will now walk you through the various original artwork and paintings I have in the house.

I would first like to describe what I'm looking at from the kitchen table. It's a beautiful illustration of a southern home where my friend Mary Woltz's mom resides. It's a grand home on white paper with a maroon border around it.

Immediately to the left of that are two sketches Hermania did of our former beloved pets Sam the cat and Moxie the Dalmatian, both sadly missed and now in our impromptu pet cemetery. To the left of them is a beautiful watercolor painting from a series Hermanette did on architecture with tree shadows, it has a wood pile between a house and shadows. She did this while doing graduate art education at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.

To the right of the Woltz painting is another watercolor by Hermanette titled The Road Home showing a road through Arietta, north of us, which was featured in the 25th Anniversary Fulton County Art Show. Underneath that is my beautiful white wicker shelving unit with five shelves that literally have about thirty pictures full of special people and memories of both mine and Herman's.

Everywhere I look, these shelves are full of wonderful mementos from family and friends-- not just the pictures. My sister Debbie gave me a hand made, original decorative box in the shape of a book with a fabric rose on the cover. This was part of her 40th birthday present to me back in 2000. It contains a gift book with beautiful sayings and an engraved silver locket.

Then, to the right of that is an art work, framed photo titled A Moment of Magic with my step-dad and I sitting in wooden beach chaise lounges in Florida from 30 years ago. Under that is an oil painting by Hermania of a cliff and ocean scene.

My thirst is now quenched by looking at my floor to ceiling book cases on top of which are even more wonderful framed photographs. And next comes a very beautiful watercolor that was bought for me by my mom and dad years ago in Florida. I'll let Hermanette take over now. "Well, its a very well done painting of a beach with nice color washes showing the sand and sky, and drybrush painting of grasses and a fence."

And then there are the dried flowers and dried eucalyptus above which is a beautiful pencil drawing that Hermanette did of her cat Butterscotch.

The painting that is behind me is of a porch in Bleecker made by Nancy Murphy when she was a student of Al Gessinger. I also have a painting Al did of Green Lake, just north of us that hangs by my computer. (Al is the featured artist at the Caroga Historical Museum June 25 to July 31.)

I have pictures of my mom that were drawn, a carved paddle with the artwork of Robert Tomlinson, and handmade Adirondack furniture made by our friends including a chest with our names carved into the wood between my living room and kitchen.

I only hope you have as much beauty and appreciation of your home as I do of mine.


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