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American Idol plays final year at 15

As you guys know I have mentioned to you many times that I am a major fan of American Idol and The Voice.

This year is the final and 15th year of American Idol. However, I must say that I have become a much more eager fan of The Voice. I have just noticed that somehow the talent caliber is much greater on The Voice than on American Idol.

That was not always the case. In the early days, first of all, there was no such thing as The Voice. And those early years produced some singer who became definite stars over the years, such as Kelly Clarkson (from the first season) and Carrie Underwood (from season four).

Then there was the seventh-place finisher of season three, Jennifer Hudson, who went on to win an Oscar and Grammy and a Super Bowl performance!

Other “also rans” who went on to out-perform the final winners include Katharine McPhee who went on to out-do the winner of season five’s Taylor Hicks. Then there are Chris Daughtry (a favorite of mine) and Adam Lambert, who both went on to do better than the winners of seasons five and eight.

The recent years of American Idol have been less successful, with The Voice’s coaches taking precedence in the public’s minds, rather than the contestants.

According to a recent Billboard story, the coaches of The Voice have all had a resurgence in their careers since helping out on The Voice.

Of course, our local hero Sawyer Fredericks from the Fultonville-Glen area would be an exception in my view. What could be better than the youngest winner coming right off the farm with a fresh face, a voice and mindset declared to be an “old soul” by his voice coach Pharrell Williams.

In my opinion, Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, has become one of the biggest draws of that show.

Of course, when I was pursuing my singing, dancing and acting career, none of these venues existed. No telling what I might have tried for if they had.

Never-the-less, I will be watching both venues the rest of this season and expect to enjoy both. And with milder weather setting in, Happy Spring everyone!


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