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Icy Entertainment Out My Window Has Begun

With snow and cold belatedly hitting the northeast, I now have lots of icy entertainment outside my window.

It started January first with the Polar Plunge, euphemistically called the "Solar Plunge" this year because they didn't have to break through the ice to get into the water Jan. 1. The intrepid group of winter bathers were led by our own Angie Meredith, known as "Queen of the Polar Plunge" here.

Then, within two days of the lake freezing over, the ice fishermen and snowmobilers were out on the ice. NOT something I would ever be doing even if I could!

I enclose photos of the above two activities.

What really amazes me is the fact that there was open water in spots the day before it froze over, but that didn't seem to hinder the zealous ice fishermen. I absolutely don't see what draws these guys to hang out for hours on the ice standing around, sometimes even sitting on a folding beach chair.

And let me talk to you about the craziness of the Polar Plunge. Last year I witnessed a guy walking down East Shore Road in terry cloth, knee length robe loosely tied around his waist with a bathing suit on and flip flops.

This year it actually was warmer so they didn't have to break up the ice before the lunatics could actually get in the water. They stayed in the water like it was a summer day. So much so that the crowd stood around in the water socializing after they get in. I would have been out of there in seconds!

Bob Sullivan, our newly elected supervisor and long-time fireman, EMT and pharmacist at Palmer's Pharmacy in Johnstown, said one year the ice was so thick they had to cut through with chain saws!

Also I want to tell you about these very interesting out house races they also have on the ice, usually in February. They are in my opinion hilarious. And they gather a rather large crowd as well. We'll see if they have them this year. Once again, so much depends on the weather.

Finally, the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club has an ice car race scheduled for Jan. 17 (the day this column appears in print). Due to weather and ice conditions, it may not happen, so check their web site at to see if it's still on before trekking up here.



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