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Yet Another New Bathing Suit

Dear guys, this should be my last installment about bathing suits.

See, I promised myself after the last bathing suit buying binge that I would NOT buy another suit.

Well, that was before Land’s End’s End-of-summer bathing suit sale.

I had actually thought that I had exhausted any new suits for this season.

Let me back up to my Los Angeles days.

See, back then I lived close to the ocean at Venice Beach and then at Santa Monica Beach. I never used to wear bikinis back then. I was strictly a one-piece bathing suit person then. It could then double as a sleeveless top for waitressing and bartending at the West Beach Café. A one-piece top could also be worn to auditions, so it really served triple duty.

At some more formal venues, such as A Votre Sante, (mean’s “to your health”), I had to don a white shirt and a bow tie as part of the required uniform.

My uniform here in Caroga Lake in the summertime is strictly a two-piece bathing suit. That and no shoes.

I try to tell any new aides coming to help me that a bathing suit is a required uniform here, but they never seem to believe me. So they show up in full dress clothes and then have to sweat as I want to be outside in the sun and even, when possible, in the water in my manual chair.

When we used to visit my Mom in Florida, the beach there had a special floating wheelchair to get out in the water, but my manual chair does just fine here at the lake.

In Florida, my favorite suit was a two-piece, black bikini with yellow dots (I include a photo from about 1990.)

Just yesterday, (I’m writing this the Tuesday before you read it) I was in the lake in my manual chair with Herman. And I must tell you the feeling of lightness and movement for my legs in the water is fantastic!

So, everyday this summer will find me in one of my many bikinis, rain or shine. Since I’m very sensitive to the heat, I wear as little as possible in the summer.

My newest addition to the swimsuit collection came yesterday and I’m already wearing it as I write this to you. The color combination is green, gray and pink, but not to worry, there are hundreds of other styles available for next year’s collection!


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