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Enjoying the Caroga Lake Music Festival

Written by Kathryn Spira


Hey, readers, if you have some time free today I have an idea for you.

I became familiar with the Caroga Lake Music Festival several years ago up here in Caroga Lake. Cellist and festival leader, Kyle Price, stays just down the road from us at his grandmother’s place where he spent summers loving the lake as a child.

He now spends summers here as an adult and shares his musical talents along with many other musicians he has persuaded to play with him and we are the happy recipients of such talents.

Today, in fact, at 3 PM at the Mayfield Presbyterian Church on Main Street, you can hear them perform or at 7PM here in Caroga Lake at the Caroga Chapel. As I write this, I am planning on hearing them perform at the chapel Aug. 5 and 6, since I write this column the Tuesday before the Sunday edition comes out. I also plan on being there “tonight” the 7th.

There is nothing like listening to a live orchestra of violins, cellos, violas and wind instruments played by enthusiastic, young and gifted musicians. I can hardly believe they are playing nearly in my back yard!

As their website, states, “Caroga Lake Music Festival is dedicated to increasing accessibility to chamber music, cultivating creative and interactive experiences and showcasing some of the world’s top professional artists from the U.S. and abroad.” I enclose a photo of Kyle from their website.

They have performed at unusual venues such as on barges on Canada Lake and at Nick Stoner Inn as well. (For more details go to their website.)

I also have an extra connection to Kyle Price in that we both attended Cleveland Institute of Music where my voice coach was named George Vassos. Of course, I didn’t graduate with a summa cum laude degree like Kyle did, since I transferred to Indiana University School of Music, from which I left in my junior year to tour with the American Repertoire Theatre Company. (I finally completed by bachelor’s degree through Empire State College in 2001.)

The point is, this is a wonderful opportunity in our own backyard and I highly recommend you take advantage of it. You won’t be sorry!

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