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A permanent home for Caroga Lake music

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, guys, another wonderful summer of music with the talented Caroga Lake Music Festival is coming to an end. (For those of you reading this early on Facebook, you can still hear them Aug. 5, 6 and 13 at 7PM at the Caroga Lake Chapel.)

On the afternoon of July 23 they had an open house and brief concert at their new digs, the former Schine Family’s Myhil estate, where new owners Bruce and Richard Veghte of Canada Lake have donated 10.5 acres to the Caroga Arts Collective. (For more information on the collective, go to

I enclose photos Herman took of me last year with festival director Kyle Price, American Idol finalist Cara Samantha and a shot of the chamber music concert at the new site July 23.

I have seen the music festival perform most often at the Caroga Chapel since that is closest to where I live and easiest for me to access. That is where the photos of myself with Kyle Price and Cara Samantha were taken. The Myhil Estate (or should I say the Caroga Arts Collective’s new home) was first shone to me by a friend even before Herman and I met. Her family was related to the Schine’s and she wanted me to know a little about her history.

I cannot wait to see their new home totally renovated. I understand they will landscape the place and build cabins for the musicians to stay in instead of staying in various friendly homes in the area. This should facilitate practice times and rehearsals. I hope that it will be totally handicapped accessible so I can see the whole new space. I know they have already used the former carriage house when rain brought the musicians off the tennis court and inside due to a storm.

I have so loved being able to hear live chamber music and a variety of talented young musicians right here in my little corner of the world. I look forward to it being an uninterrupted series of performances in future. Enjoy!



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