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The unofficial end of summer

Written by Kathryn Spira


So guys, with Monday being Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, our little town will become a ghost town. Herman and I are the only year-round residents on our block.

I must say that it gets very lonely without any neighbors or activity in the fall. However, the changing of the foliage here certainly is beautiful and we get a certain amount of “leaf peepers” driving, biking and walking by during this season. But there aren’t enough people to make a big dent in the empty feeling here in Caroga Lake once the summer people leave.

Once the lake freezes over and winter arrives, more activity begins. That’s when we see ice fishermen, ice huts, snow-mobilers and even cross country skiing going on out our window.

I could never imagine myself in an ice hut ice fishing! But, to each his own. One winter sport I really enjoyed when I was able to participate was downhill snow skiing and I was lucky enough to have active parents who took us on skiing trips all over the country.

I remember specifically going to a mountain in New York State not far from Cleveland, Ohio called Peek ‘n Peak in Clymer, NY, about 30 minutes east of Erie PA. It has 27 trails and a 400 foot vertical drop. Here in Caroga Lake we have Royal Mountain Ski Area which boasts motorcycle hill climbs in the summer.

But back to being in a ghost town. I’m writing this Tuesday, August 30 before this column appears in our local newspaper. The irony here is that though I’m speaking about skiing and snow I just got out of the lake and at this point in time there is still a lot of activity in our neighborhood. But I have to tell you I am often the only person on the beach as far as I can see, even on summer days.

I have to mention, some of our distant neighbors can’t wait for summer people to leave. They like the quiet. And although I like quiet as well, I also like to see all the activity and enjoy the difference summer residents bring.

But overall, I enjoy our little corner of paradise and the quiet, peace it brings.

I enclose a photo Herman took of the sunset at our beach Sunday evening.


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