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Emmys bring back memories

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, I'd like to focus on something besides the upcoming elections and the Emmy Awards last Sunday gives me an opportunity.

Of course, there were some political opinions expressed there as well.

I have to admit I don't know as many of the players anymore when it comes to acting, but that doesn't mean I don't still have some opinions about who should be getting awards.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the show with a great sense of humor.

One deserving show from the Internet I've watched is "Transparent" with Jeffrey Tambour starring, and the awards given here were well deserved. Jeffrey won for Best Actor. He mentioned in his speech that there is no such thing as only one Best Actor! And show producer Jill Soloway stated how important trains-gender issues were in the current divisive political climate. Hearing her comparison of Trump to Hitler sent chills up my spine having heard my mother’s stories of barely escaping Nazi Germany.

In accepting the Emmy for Best Reality Show, The Voice, I couldn't help remembering Mark Burnett from when I auditioned for a spot as an MTV "video jockey" back in the day. I enclose a screen shot of my audition tape I had shot for Mark. I knew him from Formerly Joe's Restaurant in the West Village where I worked and where he often ate. He was working for MTV at the time. This must have been before he met and married Roma Downey since he usually dined alone. This was in the early 1990s and Mark was at that time in production at MTV.

Herman had previously recorded my original VHS tape recording onto a DVD to make sure it stood the test of time. I told him I made a reference directly to Mark on the video tape, and sure enough when we played the DVD copy again, what I remembered saying was there, "Mark, you know I'm a good waitress because that's where you found me."

I was also interested to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus who won an Emmy for her role in Veep. I had also auditioned for the part of Elaine in Seinfeld, the part which brought her to fame.

So even after all these years, I still have some connections to the folks who play major roles in "the biz." It was great to see them all gathered again.


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