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The Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement

Written by Kathryn Spira

I started Monday morning at Knesseth Israel Synagogue in Gloversville worshipping with my spiritual family there. Herman went with me and it was great to re-connect with the folks there. Unfortunately I was under the weather the night before, so I was unable to attend.

Rosh Hashanah (literally translated “head of the year”) starts the new Jewish year 5777. I started to research the computation of Jewish years versus Christian years and it’s just too complicated for me. Both the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) occur a different day each year and I’ll leave it to someone else to figure that out.

It was wonderful getting dressed up as I so rarely do to go out and socialize.

Let me just define “dressing up” as it applies to me.

I had on my coveted Levi jeans, (a nice pair in khaki color and a finer cotton blend) with a white sweater that has faux pearls sewn throughout. Add to that my custom made pearl earrings and pearl necklace with dark brown leather clogs on my feet instead of the traditional sneakers I usually wear in fall and spring.

As I’m writing this to you on Tuesday prior to your reading it in the newspaper on Sunday I am also wearing my leather clogs just because they feel so good on my feet. I came up with this brilliant idea at about 4 o’clock in the morning and I’m very glad I did! My feet were too warm in sneakers so I made the change at breakfast.

As a side note, as you read this Herman’s 50th class reunion festivities are just finishing although we are still looking forward to them as I write this. For me, things will have started with a cookout and beach bonfire on Saturday afternoon with hopes that hurricane Matthew has blown out to sea. So all his festivities fall between the Jewish High Holidays with Yom Kippur on the 12th.

At this point I hope to attend the Kol Nidre service on Tuesday. And for all of you who are following the rest of the holidays, tomorrow will be Columbus Day and Canada’s Thanksgiving Day. Whew! A lot to keep track of!

I hope you are all enjoying the nice fall weather with what is supposed to be peak leaf peeping season about the time you read this! I include a photo of the changing of the leaves around Green Lake, just to our north looking towards Pinnacle Mountain. Actually, if any of you happen to have The Leader-Herald 2016 wall calendar, Herman’s (aka Richard Nilsen’s) photo is featured as the October winning photo. It’s looking pretty good there this year as well!


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