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Get to the polls and vote!

Written by Kathryn Spira

I say this with great thought. It’s not difficult at all to register to vote, but by the time you read this the date has already passed you by in New York.

My biggest argument with people who endlessly complain about who is elected but don’t bother to vote themselves is the old saw, “If you don’t vote, you don’t have any right to complain!”

For instance: If any aide I have that works with me, I have found out that they don’t bother to vote, I can’t resist stating that they have no gripe about who gets elected. It’s that simple.

When I ask them why they don’t vote, they simply respond, “I don’t see where it makes much of a difference.”

Now this is where my biggest objection comes from. I’m of the thought that every single vote absolutely counts. This has been proven true.

For instance, in our last election here in Caroga Lake, we had one council member voted in with a one vote margin! I guess that vote really counted.

On a national basis, it may seem more of a moot point. But the fact is, the fewer people that vote, that more likely it is that fewer voices are heard and therefore it is less likely the optimal winner will be elected.

Not voting is a signal to those who govern that the people they govern don’t really care what they do and may inspire some crooked politicians to do their worst.

If our government is “for the people and by the people” then all the people need to voice their collective wills to make their wishes known. After the election is over, is a little late.

I find myself increasingly frustrated as the days until the election get nearer and I hear more and more people state they will not bother to vote, “What’s the point?” they say.

I feel very strongly about the fact that each person’s will should be known if we expect our leaders to truly represent our wishes.

So I’ve been glued to the TV, watching debates between Trump and Clinton;

I’m very much a Clinton supporter. I know that I’m a very small minority here in Fulton County, where most people are registered Republican. Even Herman is a registered Republican even though he votes mainly for Democrats. The problem is, in primaries, he says a Democrat doesn’t get to vote locally because there are no Democratic primaries in our locale.

I know this is logical, however, I am a registered Democrat and basically a die-hard liberal. I cannot find it in myself to register Republican. It simply goes against everything I believe politically.

There! I’m off my soap box. Do with my thoughts what you find most appropriate. But for goodness sake, get out and vote with my thanks, whatever your opinion!

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