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Bonus beach days in October

Written by Kathryn Spira

So, guys, I’m writing this to you on Tuesday, October 18, five days before you read this in the newspaper (it’s 4 p.m. and even with the wind blowing across the lake at us, the temperature is 77F).

Now, I’ve spent the past several days outside getting sun, but this is the first day I’ve actually broken down and worn shorts. I plan to do the same thing tomorrow (or, Wednesday as you look back from Sunday’s newspaper) as the temperature is suppose to be 75F.

I enclose a photo Herman took with our beach and Sherman’s Amusement Park in the background because I even got to be on our beach today, it was that warm.

The wind was pretty intense today, but that kept me cool so I didn’t need to be sprayed with my water bottle as I have done in the intense heat of the summer.

I did have to be sprayed last weekend.

All this is part of Indian Summer here in the Adirondacks. However, I was wearing pants at the time. So it was just my face being sprayed.

While I was sitting out in the driveway, I was surprised by a friend who I hadn’t seen in many years (thank you Ahne and Pete for stopping by, it was great seeing you!)

With all the wind today, I fear we lost many colorful leaves that have been in my recent column photos. The leaves and pine needles were falling like snow flakes as I sat out in the wind today.

According to Wikipedia: Although the exact origins of the term are uncertain, it was perhaps so-called because it was first noted in regions inhabited by Native Americans ("Indians"), or because the Native Americans first described it to Europeans, or it had been based on the warm and hazy conditions in autumn when Native Americans hunted.

Whatever the source, natives from the northeast know the fal warm-up is greeted with happy faces and I am loving it!

I hope you all get out and enjoy this wonderful weather and quickly get out and see the colorful leaves before they are all gone.


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