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From sun bathing to snow alerts within days

Written by Kathryn Spira

Well, this is the Tuesday before my column is published in the newspaper and they are predicting snow for Thursday. You will be able to look back from the vantage point of Sunday and judge how accurate the meteorologists were. It was just last Friday I was sunning myself and by Saturday we had wet snow flakes here in Caroga Lake.

Last winter was so mild Herman only had to snow blow our driveway three times. I hope for the same this winter but I'm told the Farmer's Almanac is predicting very cold and snowy weather for the northeast. I guess we'll see.

I enclose a photo Herman took of white caps rolling in to our beach from the high winds we had last weekend. That wind blew most of the leaves off the trees here so the colorful fall has pretty much blown away.

What I miss about Southern California the most is the climate. Seventy five to eighty degrees every day and mostly sunny. There are days here when I really wonder what I was thinking when I decided to move back east. But in looking back, I have to laugh at myself thinking that 22 years ago I was actually in love with a man that I met in Florida whose home was in Fulton county NY. Ah, youth! Everything seems so perfect at the time. There's no thought about the future or when reality sets in.

I met Herman just months after I moved here and it was totally an accident how I met him. But that's neither here nor there as I was talking about the weather and how very changeable it is here in the northeast. Let me tell you one of my favorite things to do when I was living in LA. I would be laying at the beach, obviously in the sun, when I had a brilliant idea. I would go to a payphone at the beach (this is before the regular use of cell phones, do you remember payphone's?) and I would make a phone call to a friend back east. This was like November and I was on the beach in a bikini and wanted to rub it in very badly to my friends back East where I knew the weather was getting cold and nasty. In my normal sarcastic manner I would ask "How're you doing? How's the weather there? I'm on the beach in a bikini here and I'm covered in suntan lotion!" The usual response was "Oh Kathryn, you just love to rub it in don't you?" (And that's the G-rated reply... I can't print what was really said here in the paper.) So, after rubbing in how wonderful the climate was in California as compared to the northeast, we would get back to catching up, and at that point I would usually say something like "I've gotta check in with my agent to see if I have any auditions today though I would much rather gab with you longer but my career calls." I would then make a phone call to my agent who nine out of ten times had no audition for me. As a side note, I must tell you, that my agent Tom wasn't very motivated. Truth be told, I was always looking for a better agent. And that in a nutshell tells you why the weather here makes me ache for those warmer temperatures out west! I was always looking for something better! I'm actually pretty happy where I am.


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