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Hanukkah for Christmas

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, this year the stars aligned for Hanukkah to fall on Christmas Day (although as with all Jewish holidays, the day starts the sunset of the evening before, in this case Christmas Eve.) What could be more in the holiday spirit than that?

Herman and I have different traditions and histories when it comes to the holiday season. But that hasn't really been a big problem as neither of us are overly concerned with exterior decorations for the holidays.

So far this year, we have great outside decorations with a nice coating of snow. I enclose photos of the snowfall here at the lake as I write this to you Dec. 7 (Pearl Harbor Day); also a photo of us with Sally, Oscar and Jerry in our living room.

Herman and I have basically stopped sending out greeting cards through the mail as it was getting so costly. About 17 years ago we used to take a photograph with Kodak film (remember that?!) and get it blown up with a holiday greeting text at the bottom courtesy of our local drug store’s photo lab.

Then we went to taking our own photos and putting them on a program in our computer and printing the cards ourselves. The card had four pictures on it, therefore telling a mini-story of our year.

We sent them out through the mail at some cost, then switched to digital greetings a couple of years ago. And now we are here sending many more greetings through FaceBook, email and over the web site than we ever could have by mail. So we get to reach many more people than we could before. So goes progress in the digital age!

Whenever you get this message in whatever means we hope you have a happy holiday and blessed New Year in 2017!




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