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With glass splinters on my tongue

Written by Kathryn Spira

Many years ago I heard the saying, "with glass splinters on my tongue" and I can't think of anything more appropriate when I think of President Trump. When I say those two words it makes me physically sick to my stomach. I can barely say them without feeling splinters on the surface of my tongue. When my friend Raj From New York City responded to me Via email about last week's column he told me that Trump was one of three owners of the now defunct New Jersey Generals.

That kind of goes along with my thinking that everything Trump touches is doomed. One bright light in this Trump presidency is the fabulous depiction by Alec Baldwin on SNL Of Trump. I also want to mention the wonderful portrayal of Sean Spicer by Melissa McCarthy. They are both quite accurate and funny in my view.

The funniest thing I saw McCarthy do was when she was holding a mock press conference and she motorized her podium. I rarely laugh out loud but this particular antic really got me going!

As far as both Herman and I can see, both Baldwin and McCarthy have steady gigs for the next four years. (Oh, my God! I hope it's not eight!)

I just noticed on Good Morning America on Monday that it was pointed out how Trump was "standing behind Japan 100 percent" after the North Korean missile launch into the Japan Sea after deriding our relationship with Japan during his run for the presidency when he said it was "stupid" to ally with Japan when that could start a war. I guess things look a little different once you are in the presidency.

I do hope he doesn't start a war with his flip flopping and devil-may-care tweets!

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