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Memorial Day Remembrances

Written by Kathryn Spira


This is the first Memorial Day since my mom passed away. I remember all my years growing up my mom would call it Decoration Day and I'm not exactly sure why. I asked Herman what he thought and he said (after consulting with Google) that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day! On May 30th, 1868 it was set as the day to honor the fallen veterans that had passed away during the Civil War by decorating their graves.

What I do every year is fill my window boxes with flowers as my way of decorating the house. Normally, Sherman's Amusement Park (now not in use) has a flower sale benefiting North Bush Methodist Church (their motto is “Conveniently located in the middle of nowhere!”) or our local volunteer fire department. There has been a flower sale there or at Vrooman’s Hotel for many years but for some reason, they did not have it this year. So Herman and I and my aide Bre went to AGWAY and decided to get flowers there. This was my idea. I must say they had a beautiful selection. When we got back to the house, Herman unloaded the flowers and the potting soil and the window boxes on the back deck. He put gravel in the bottom of the window boxes followed by potting soil then I selected with Bre which flowers went where.

Bre had done the window boxes for me last year and she remembered very well how to plant them. We also planted some leftover flowers in my Bucket of Rocks (Rolling Rock brand beer) bucket from my bartending days last century. It now has a place of honor in our well cap covering or well house. We also bought a large hanging basket of flowers for the alcove and made up an extra hanging basket to hang from the bird feeder in the back window.

I enclose a photo of the well house with the bucket of flowers.

I hope you all have a great "Decoration Day" with fond remembrances as I have of my mom!


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