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Sunshine at last!

Written by Kathryn Spira


Well, after what seems like weeks of rainy, cloudy weather we finally have some sunshine and warmth! About time! And I'm writing this to you on Wednesday June 7th. I'm wearing shorts and a tank top and spending most of my time out doors after just spending several days inside due to cold and rain. I just came in for lunch (it is now 12:45PM as I write this) and Herman just presented me with the laptop and said, “Write! You have a column do for this Sunday.”

The tank top that I am wearing is one of my oldest and most faded. It is an Eddie Bauer, light yellow tank made of what I think of as golf shirt material. The shorts I'm wearing are multi-colored striped that I got years ago at Peebles. They’re actually men's boxer shorts made by Tommy Hillfiger. I remember at Peebles they used to have an entire section of Hillfiger boxer shorts hanging in the men's department as soon as you walked into it and they were very colorful which caught my eye. I must have, like, 10 pair in all different bright colors.

It's seems such a shame with such brightly colored material was originally designed to use as underwear for men. But thank goodness I rescued them to be worn as my personal Fashioned statement in the summer. I see the weather forecast for Thursday, June 8th, is supposed to be sunny and then 78F by the weekend, which is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous and in the 90's. You’ll know if that’s true by the time you read this.

So, I will definitely be breaking out my bathing suits so I can wear as little as possible in the next few days. I've already worn two bathing suits so far this summer. And I'm looking forward to wearing more of them as the weeks hopefully become warmer and sunnier.

As I’m glancing outside, it looks cloudier and a lot less sunny, as a bunch of clouds have moved in. But that will not make my mood less positive because I'm always hoping for more excellent weather to come. In the mean time I think I will break out my book and read or take a nice walk with my aide Aly.

Tomorrow my new aid Aly #2 is finally starting as it has seemed like is taking forever for her to get on board. I'll have both my aides here tomorrow and may become confused, calling out for Aly#1 and Aly#2!

It's an unusual name made even more so here because I have two Aly's. Aly#1's real name is Alexandria, and Aly#2's real name is Alyssa. But I have named them 1 and 2 to help differentiate between them. So far it's working but even if I mess up I'll yell out Aly and one of them will come. (That last sentence was created entirely by Aly#1.)

Oh! Wait guys! The sun’s back out, so I'll bid adieu. Enjoy!


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