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Some of my pet peeves

Written by Kathryn Spira


OK, so there are some things I have a hard-core opinion about...flossing my teeth, shampooing the dog, keeping the indoor cats indoor -- and those are just a few.

Don't get me started!

You all know how I feel about those people that don't vote but they complain incessantly about how the government is run.

One of my major other complaints, and this is a biggie is when people toss their cigarette butts on the ground and then leave them there. Most often my aides smoke and I have a "butt can" for them to discard the butts. Every so often I'll ask one of them if they have emptied the "butt can" and more often than not they have but it sets my mind at ease to know they have done it.

Now that we're in the full swing of summer I have noticed that there is an inordinate amount of grass growing upon the beach. So I have kindly asked my aide Aly to pull it all out and she has been wonderfully doing it for the past couple of days for me. This is no small job and let me tell you why. Once Aly is started she is very meticulous which in the long run is great because the beach is looking wonderful. Aly started Wednesday June 21st, and I'm thinking by Friday it will be done. Youve got to understand that Aly has been working from 7 am till 7pm and you guys know how much I love being outdoors, specifically on the beach, so a good deal of her day is spent cleaning the beach while I soak in the sun. I can not say how much I enjoy that.

I have noticed that all the neighboring beaches have been picked up by each property owner but I think my beach will look the best because of Aly! Aly has four children all girls and I personally cannot wait to see them all in their bathing suits at the beach. I always say I'm not a "kid person" but I do so very much enjoy other people's kids. Kids are the best when you can give them back to their parents! I actually didn't want to say that for fear of hurting Aly's feelings, but when I took a long moment to think of what to write next and I asked Aly what she thought she said exactly what I was thinking!

It's about 130 pm and it looks a bit overcast but I am going to lay down to get pressure off my butt and then head out back to the beach later on where hopefully the sun will shine. I hope you all have a great weekend.

I include a photo of my indoor cat Jerry on my lap while wearing my Pet Connection T-shirt I got through Steve Caporizzo. Jerry was a rescue and I encourage all of you to get your pets through pet rescues in your area. Go, Steve!


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