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The old and the new

Written by Kathryn Spira


This weekend Herman turns 70 (on the 20th) and recently our aide Alee number one has been bringing a baby she's been caring for to work every so often, which I really enjoy. 

Now, I'm not really a kid person, but I must say I enjoy Wyatt's presence at only a month and a half and it's so nice to have a squeaky infant with new life around the house. He doesn't intrude at all.

This winter has been a corker so far. Sometimes a real old fashioned winter with breaks of sudden warmth that make a problem with flooding in some areas.  

Herman had a bout with stomach flu last week on top of the bad weather that made it seem like winter illness, although he says he hasn't been this ill in years and now feels better. With winter storm warnings all the way down to Houston and Louisiana, it seems the whole country has had quite a winter so far.

Now, back to baby Wyatt, I confess I love to kiss babies feet and toes and see the newborn innocence in an infant. By contrast, with all the "me too" movement and politics wrangling going on, it's so nice to see the innocence of youth and simplicity of life at home. (Baby's feet by my head are fine, but Herman's are not, by the way.)

Anyway, with the new year starting and a new life visiting us at the house, looking out at the new fallen snow covering everything with a pristine coating of white makes things all a little better. I hope you think so too. I enclose a photo of the new snow here at the lake. 


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