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A January Thaw

As I'm writing this to you on the 10th before you read this it is warmer (in the 30s) compared to the past two weeks of freezing temperatures. I picked out a turtle neck shirt in my favorite color--yellow. I'm wearing it today. I think I chose the wrong shirt to wear today because I've already had Herman turn the heat down twice. 

When we're not running the wood stove our main furnace is actually LP with a visible flame, so we have the ambience of a visible fire. Today is supposed to get up to 36F in Albany and it's always 4-5 degrees cooler here. Our thermometer was just 7F here this morning, but that's a lot better than the -14F we had last Saturday. I think for the next few days I will wear button-up shirts as it already feels much warmer than it has lately. 

This next week it's supposed to be back down in the 20s, so I'm taking it one day at a time. I don't wear my flannel-lined jeans unless it's below zero. I tend to over heat easily due to the MS, so cooler weather actually suits me. 

I will wear my tan construction boots as out of all my boots they tend to be the least hot on my feet. You know what they say, cold or hot feet controls your overall body temperature. I will wear my gray LLBean hiking boots when it gets colder. Then I will switch to insulated black boots, but I don't wear my leather, very hot, other LLBean boots until it's below zero.

Right now the sun is out and I include a photo showing the depth of the plow bank out front where our red snow shovel is turned upside down at the end of the driveway.


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