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The moons of January and a small resolution

As 2018 begins I've been hearing about all the special moons we are experiencing. From "super moon" to "wolf moon" and even a "blue moon," I understand we have it all this month.

Herman has been busily shooting photos of these moons. From the "seven percent bigger" super full moon as it's orbit comes closest to our planet to the "howling wolf moon" so named because it is supposed to make wolves howl to the rare twice appearing full moon within a month's time called "blue moon," which is to occur January 31, we've had a bunch of fun sightings this month.

I enclose his shots of the moon January 1 and 2 and even of the moon setting over the hills to our west here at the lake. (Oh, and the “blue moon” of January 31 is to feature a partial lunar eclipse!)

It all puts things in perspective when you look up at the sky instead of at our problems--whether political, personal or even the ultra-cold weather we've been experiencing. And that brings me to a small New Year’s resolution.

Things that are out of our control shouldn't impact our happiness. This is at least one thing I've learned from being diagnosed with MS. The MS doesn't control my mind or contentedness. 

Herman and I have been reading Dan Harris's book "Ten Percent Happier." The ABC-TV news anchor's book about his search for "success" and finding peace of mind in meditation doesn't take the "pie in the sky" or "guru on the mountain" view of meditation. He looks at it from the nitty-gritty of life--warts and all. I'm liking it so far. 

I relate very much to this book and even have tried Harris's version of meditation myself. It involves you relating to your own breathing in and out to quiet the voices in your head and it's actually very simple in its approach. Just concentrate on breathing in and out five or ten minutes a day. There’s even scientific research showing meditation helps focus the mind and be more productive. So I look forward to what good effect it may have with me this year.

In the meantime, enjoy the many moons of January and here's to a Happy New Year in 2018.




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