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Less than zero

So this last week of 2017 we are seeing the coldest temperatures we've had in some time. I'm writing this to you on Wednesday morning from Caroga Lake where it is -5F (I enclose a photo of our thermometer as proof).

We had a quiet Christmas at home, just as well with white-out conditions whipping the snow across the lake (I also enclose a photo of the lake when the wind quieted down.)

Here's hoping you are warm and safe this holiday season. 

Herman has the wood stove cooking and it makes for a very cozy interior. So much so, that my aide, Alee #1, turned down our gas-burning fireplace. Herman and I were on our own Christmas Day and had a nice talk with his daughter Herminia who lives in California and we Facetimed a nice long session. Oh, and his grandkids (yes, he has grandkids) came over Christmas Eve with gifts and we had a nice chat as well. They are both in high school and turning out fine! 

We are toasty and warm inside and not venturing out for any reason but to shovel snow in the driveway. Herman even tacked up a towel over the front doors in between the double doors where a crack was letting in some cold air. We needed the protection from the driving wind off the lake. Even our pharmacist made a home delivery (Thanks, Carole!) so we wouldn't have to make a trip to town. (It helps that she lives near us.)

Herman returned the favor by going to the post office for her and getting her mail since she gets out of work after the post office is closed. That's cooperation! It was especially nice for me seeing Carole as I'm usually in bed by the time she gets here and I was sitting up at the kitchen table so I was able to see her and wish her Happy Holidays!

I wish the same to you all for a happy and blessed new year in 2018!


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