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The Hectic Then and the Peaceful Now

I was recently watching “Live with Regis and Kelly” one morning on CBS TV and was delighted to see Kelly’s guest host was her husband Mark Consuelos.

I first knew of Kelly and Mark when they were costars on a soap I no longer watch called “All My Children.”

They played married couple Haley and Mateo Santos and as you may recall I used to plan my day around not missing my soap.

My aide Terry could not believe that I watched this soap.  When I look at it now in passing I’m surprised myself I actually was a devoted fan.

Kelly and Mark seem to live very busy lives with Kelly doing a daily talk show and Mark doing made for TV movies.  I most recently watched Mark in a movie aired on Lifetime Movie Network, called “Killer Hair.” It was a murder story set in the fashion industry. I must say the screenplay was weak, even though I really like Mark Consuelos as an actor.  I didn’t care for the part he played as a crime reporter for a newspaper in Washington, D.C. while the lead character plays a fashion columnist. All the segments for the show were humorous takes on fashion and runway modeling.

I did some tea room modeling, as it was called then, back in Cleveland. I remember modeling at Corky and Lenny’s Restaurant trying to bring in customers from the lunch crowd there. I can’t remember the name of the store I modeled for, but that was a long time ago. It came to me very naturally as my mother was a clothes model in her heyday.

I also saw how hectic Mark and Kelly’s lives seem to be as they try to balance raising a family with their careers.  Most of the people I knew in the business weren’t able to do both. In fact, most people I knew were struggling actors with no family to speak of.

The idea of putting down roots as an actor means making that part of your life stable while the entertainment part of it is generally up in the air.

Screen Actors Guild known commonly as SAG has the highest unemployment rate of any other type of union in the country. Such a condition doesn’t lend itself to family life. But I valiantly plowed ahead to try to find the love of my life while at the same time pursuing a career in acting. My heart was often broken out there in L.A. and I never realized my dreams of becoming a working actress.

But seeing Mark Consuelos say that every time they tried to go on a family vacation he got called back for a part reminded me of the constant checking answering machines and phone messages to see if I had an actual audition for an actual part.

I have to say that’s no way to live and I have a much more peaceful existence now.


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