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Politics for the holidays

I was especially surprised when my old friend Kevin Spacey was fired from his hit "House of Cards" and his starring role in the movie "All the Money in the World" was reshot with Christopher Plummer in the role of J. Paul Getty. From Matt Lauer to Garrison Keiller, it seems dozens of entertainment and media people have been fired for sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, in politics, the Republicans are doubling down on known sexual predators like Roy Moore and more than a dozen women accusers of Trump didn't stop him from being elected president.

So what is the country coming to and where do we go from here? Do we demand the same level of honesty and behavior in politics that we do in journalism, media and entertainment? Apparently not so far.

I've been asked if I faced the kind of sexual predators in entertainment when I was "in the business," and I have to say, for whatever reason, I didn't. So, did I give off the kind of vibes that said, "Don't you dare?" Did I not put myself in compromising situations? I honestly don't know, just as I don't know how to bring the current situations in politics and media to some kind of resolution, even if I had any influence on the problem.

I do know when I turned down a role with Nick Nolte in a movie where I would first appear in the nude, I was dropped by my agent for being "too picky." I stand by my decision. It's a lot easier living the rest of my life not having compromised my values when I was younger.

With Roy Moore's new GOP backing for senate from Alabama and Trump's denial of all allegations against him by more than a dozen women, it doesn't appear the "cleansing" happening in entertainment is being paralleled in politics. But it's still a major item in the news daily this holiday season. They will all have to live with their decisions.

So what can we all do? I guess we all need to keep our own houses in order and do the best we can to be honest and respectful in all our relationships. Whether or not we can keep our representatives honest and above board is another kettle of fish. We just have to be careful and informed when next we go to the ballot box, so future holidays won't be marred by as much chaos as we currently are.

"As shepherds watched their flocks by night" against predators, so we need to watch for those predators in our midst who would take advantage of the young, weak and disadvantaged. That's my wish for this holiday season.



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