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Where have all the WaHas gone?

Hey guys, as you know by now my column only appears once a month in the newspaper, so let me wish all of you an early Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year. (I still write a weekly column for my Facebook friends, my website and out-of-town email list.) 

This past Monday night it got down to 17F here at the lake. The reason I bring this up is because I have noticed over the last several years that my hands are always very cold during the winter months. So much so, that I often cover my hands with whatever shirt I am wearing that day by pulling the sleeves down over my hands. 

When I used to go to the Wells House for physical therapy, my aide Robin had a very cool sweatshirt that I had never seen before in my life. It was called a Waha (which stand for warm hands) and there were mittens attached that were the same color as the sweatshirt. Turns out that these particular sweatshirts weren't being made anymore, even though I did my best to try and find one. 

I'm going back in time to about 5 years ago I had written about these sweatshirts in my column and how frustrated I was that I couldn't locate one. So one day my front door bell rings and a very nice lady was there with a couple of sweatshirts draped over her arms. After she introduced herself as the mom of the man who created these sweatshirts she very kindly presented these sweatshirts to me as a gift, saying she had read in my column about how I tried so hard to find one. We chatted for a little while and she told me about her son and how he had stopped production of the sweatshirts and I thanked her profusely for bringing them to me. 

At the same time this happened I had an aide that used to come to work with a big oversized shoulder bag. Little did I know that she was going through my closet every day and robbing me blind. She stole both the WaHa sweatshirts. (I have no proof, but my gut tells me that's what happened.) Before I started writing this column to you today I asked my aide Aly #2 to go online to search for WaHa sweatshirts. No results were found so I am turning to you good readers for help. If you have any idea of any one you know who might want to sell one or two I am definitely a willing buyer. That or if Betty still has any extras and would like to contact me--well, she knows where I live. She's been here before! 

I had many Aides over the years, but only experienced just a couple that have stolen from me and it was usually clothing. I pretty much know every item of clothing that I own. As Aly #2 just said to me "We pick out outfits twice a week and you tell me what to get out of the closet from memory." My clothes have always been very important to me. I rarely buy new stuff. I follow the old credo to "buy quality once and it should last a long long time." So going into the cold weather I hope you guys all stay warm, hands and all.  



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