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Shopping from home on black Friday

Hey guys! Thanksgiving was wonderful! Alee#1 prepared everything for our Thanksgiving and it was truly a wonderful meal. I don't know or remember if I have ever told you guys, but Alee#1 is only 19 years old. I'm telling you this now because she really had it together for making our Thanksgiving dinner. She tells me that she loves to cook and bake. We had Herman’s son Ken (aka “Herman Jr.”) for dinner as well. He serenaded us with his keyboard talents.

Both Alee#1 and Aly#2 were totally ready to go Black Friday shopping starting Thursday night. I, on the other hand, wasn't so intrigued with the idea. Friday morning when I sat in front of my sun panel I asked Aly#2 just for the heck of it to go to on Herman's laptop. 

I was delighted to find two bathing suits for myself, and one for Herman. All three at 50% off, and free shipping! I then asked Aly #2 what she wanted for Christmas, and she told me 2 boxes of blonde hair dye, I then asked her to message Alee#1 to see what she would like. Alee's response was clothing. I can't really get into details about what I got for her, because she's typing for me and has no clue! I want it to remain a surprise.

I made it very clear to both Alee#1 and Aly#2 that I don't celebrate Christmas being Jewish. However, since Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 12th and goes for 8 days, I celebrate by lightings candles each night to commemorate the miracle of the light burning in the Old Temple so many years ago. Basically the story is there was technically only enough oil to burn for one night, the miracle being that it burned for eight days and nights!

So whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you all have a happy and healthy season. I include a photo of Richard (aka "Herman") and I with our two cats, Jerry and Sally. Happy Holidays!


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