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    I Better Look Out Where I’m Going


    So, I have mentioned over and over how much I love having pets, right? Well, I do and probably always will, however this past week when entering the house, I noticed that I was driving over something odd with my electric wheelchair. Upon further inspection, Robin (my aide) and I discovered that it was a recently undigested kitty snack. Unfortunately, I had run over it with my back wheel and was dragging it through the house before Robin could stop me. When she did finally stop me, she was rushing around with a wet paper towel. What was so lucky is the fact that Sam, my adorable feline, didn’t appear to feel ill anymore. Plus, Moxie, our daily more adorable Dalmatian, apparently did not notice and therefore didn’t scarf it down.

    I know that she is my first dog ever, and I hope that it’s not just her, but she will eat virtually anything! Shortly after we got her, I noticed that she was paying an unusually long amount of time investigating Sam’s litter box. Herman explained that she was trying to find cat poop. He then told me that many dogs for some reason really enjoyed eating cat poop. Well, this is absolutely abhorrent to me, especially when Moxie is always cruising to give kisses. Omygod! She also spends a ridiculous amount of time investigating and licking her butt.

    Conversely, a cat does his business in the privacy of his own enclosed bathroom. Except, of course, when he eats his treats too quickly. Actually, I have noticed that even when he eats his regular food too quickly, it generally makes a second appearance by way of kitty puke.

    I have never had children, nor have I ever had the desire to procreate. In fact, I remember telling my Mom when I was about ten, "Mom, I don’t think I ever want to have kids." To which my Jewish mother replied (as only a Jewish mother can) "Why don’t you just kill me now!" But I can almost imagine what it must be like as I raise Sam and Moxie, and experience all the upset stomach trauma.

    The good news is that every room in this house has hardwood floors and so clean up is not that big of a deal. Keep in mind that clean up duty is generally not done by me though I delegate it. It’s important to know that when I was able to clean up, I had very little tolerance for any animal messes as it would upset my stomach almost as much as whatever pet had been sick. That still holds true today.

    I just have to be very careful about the amount of kitty snacks and table scraps I give to both of my "children." After all, if I don’t look out for what they eat I have to look out for where I’m going…