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    Beach Auditions

    I’m going to pretty much state the obvious and say that this is the last Sunday in September. Which means that any bathing suit wearing is kind of over for me. And that means I have to start wearing real clothing once again. And I’m not real happy about that. There is something unexplainable and wonderful about simply wearing a bathing suit all summer with sandals on my feet. As I look forward to October and all the wonderment of the fall season, I am first and foremost looking toward my upcoming college graduation on the 14th. My mom and both of my sisters are attending the ceremony, which will be held in Saratoga Springs. Herman will also be there as well as one of my sister’s husbands and their two children. I can’t wait to show them all this area that I have been raving about for the last five years!

    And what a summer to be raving about! I know I’ve only been here for six summers, and this certainly has been the most ideal. Herman, who has been here his entire life tells me this has been the best summer in probably 20 years. All I know is this: having grown up in Cleveland, I am pretty much used to a good deal of rain all summer. Something about Cleveland being on Lake Erie. Having been a sun slave all of my life, I think that knowing California is always sunny had a lot to do with my moving there. Of course, I was also pursuing my acting career so Los Angeles seemed an obvious place to move. Once there, I would spend much of my day at the beach, always checking my answering machine from a beach pay phone to see if I had any auditions that I needed to drive to.

    This took some careful planning on my part. Because if I did have an audition and had to drive from the beach all the way into Hollywood, it was a good forty minute drive. And I had to have a couple of different changes of clothing depending on what type of character I was to be reading for. So the deal was like this. I would wipe any sand off my feet, get dressed in whatever appropriate outfit that I had for the particular role that the audition was for in the beach bathroom and would make my long drive into Hollywood. As was my luck out there, I unfortunately would not get the part, and instead continue with my bartending job until the next audition came along.

    Until that time, I would continue to spend my days at the beach, always checking my answering machine to see if my agent had called with news of an audition appointment. He did once ask me why I was never home. He assumed that I had a day job that let me leave for auditions. I then told him that I only worked at night, and that I spent my days communing with the sun and the ocean and the beach! After all, I knew even then what was important to me…