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    Air Conditioning in October (!)

    So Herman and I have spent the last several weeks online at Sears.com looking for some air conditioners. We found some that we thought were a good deal, so we went ahead and bought some. The thing is, with MS I cannot perspire, so when I get hot, I stay hot, and all my symptoms are worsened until I cool off. This is why when I’m at the beach I spend most of the day sitting IN the lake so I don’t get overheated from the sun. Same goes for the house. If it gets too warm in here, I’m basically done until I cool off. That’s where air conditioning comes into play for me.

    So, back to the ordering. Herman and I choose a few units and we think it’s all set. It even shows there is a store pick up to save on shipping. So we chose Rotterdam Mall since that’s the closest store to us. Here begins the "fun." Turns out, the store didn’t actually have the inventory that the web site showed they had. We got a call several days later telling us that. So we tried to reorder it and have it shipped directly to us and we'd pay shipping. The nice person at Sears.com told us she’d waive shipping charges because of the headache we’d encountered. We hung up the phone thinking, "Boy, that worked out well."

    It got more "fun" daily after this. We received an email notification telling us Herman had charged beyond his limit. Which we knew for a fact he hadn’t done. Turns out that they had charged us for the unit they didn’t have. Which brought us above his credit limit as a new customer. From here a series of phone calls trying to get credit straitened out ensued.

    Now, Herman hates being on the phone to begin with. Add to this a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense about which Sears department can access what at which times (never when we called, it seemed). Well. Spoke to about twelve different people, all of whom admitted that the web site and store service were not really compatible. The upshot was, Herman had to call the Rotterdam Sears Store and ask them to specifically credit his account the amount of the non-existent unit because Sears credit nationally would not allow the transaction.

    So, we wound up being connected to a Kelly in Kansas who set up a three way call with a Jason in Iowa (where they have LOTS of air conditioners) and as of last night at midnight we (keep your fingers crossed) are told the air conditioner will be ready for store pick up three weeks henceforth. Which will be when I don’t need it in the fall, but at least I’ll have it for next summer. I’ll keep you posted…

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"