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    December Blues

    I’m not going to state the obvious and tell you how weird it is that we are in December already. Let me just tell you that I am fully prepared for the winter months in that I already switched my wardrobes over to my winter-wear. In fact, I actually did this in October. Remember when we had snow the last week in October this year? Well, I hadn’t fully committed to wearing winter clothing yet, but it was that week when I decided that my summer/fall wardrobe had come to a screeching halt. It was that week when I had my aide take all my shorts and sleeveless tank tops upstairs, and my turtlenecks and sweaters downstairs. ‘Twas a sad day. But it had to come eventually, and as I always say, I love every season for its difference.

    What I especially do not like is not having daylight savings time any longer. It just feels so odd when it gets dark so early! I mean, it’s great that it is lighter in the morning, but it feels totally weird when it gets dark by late afternoon. As Herman and I were changing all the clocks back that ill-fated late October evening I was reminded of all my years working as a bartender. Whereas normally, last call was at 2 a.m., when the clocks were turned back, it meant an additional hour of work. Many times I tried to talk my way out of staying that extra hour, but I rarely got out of it. Either the bar manager or owner would insist on my staying, or some customer at the bar was wise to my intention and would make a big stink about how he or she had the "right" to stay for another hour. I would try to pull rank and cut them off saying it was truly time to leave, and sometimes that would work but usually I was made to stay.

    But I would never forget that particular customer who insisted I stay. I would always give that person a hard time thereafter. My true payback would come when daylight savings time began once again in the spring. I’d wait until 1 a.m., then would give last call. When people began to complain, I would remind them that the clocks were to be set forward at 2 a.m., that would make it 3 in the morning and that wouldn’t be legal. And remember when daylight savings time ended, and I stayed later that night? Well, I couldn’t possibly see doing that again, "so drink your drinks and say good night because this really is the end and I have management and owners backing me up. Any problems? Because if you have any, I encourage you to speak to my boss, as I already have."

    Those bartending memories still make me giggle. There’s nothing like giving it back to surly, drunken bar customers. Now don’t get me wrong, bartending is a great profession. Sometimes, serving the public, especially the drinking public, can be challenging at best. It being December already and the Holiday partying coming upon us, drink safely, everyone and don’t drive. Summer will be upon us in only six months!

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"