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    I’d Rather Be Writing Than Building Any Day

    Have I ever told you how weird it is to be speaking this into my computer and seeing it come on to the screen as text? What is actually most funny are all the words that appear that I had absolutely nothing to do with! I speak my mind pretty well, so I hate when my train of thought becomes interrupted by my having to go back and correct everything that was written wrong. One of these days I should really brighten up your Sunday morning and offer to you as my column a listing of all my mistakes before I correct them. It’s as if this machine has a mind of its own or perhaps does not like anything that I'm saying. I highly doubt that.

    I'm convinced that most writers, when they sit down to write pretty much have an idea of what they want to say even before they begin to write one word. The way I do this column to you guys each week is highly dependent on what is going on that particular day or week. As I'm sitting here writing to you, I'm looking out at some sort of strange thing floating in the lake. I have been looking at this particular strange thing for about two weeks. No let me correct that. It has only been about a week. It actually looks like some sort of floating tree. But it actually more fun to think of it as some type of sea monster. Or, rather some type of Lake monster! Herman wants to name it Chucky the Caroga Critter. I vetoed this because I don’t believe in naming monsters-plus his name is so lame. What it actually is, is some type of tree that was blown down during a storm.

    And when we have a storm here, the lake becomes almost ocean like in its strength and wind power. I have totally felt like I was sitting at the ocean and not the lake on some very windy days. It has become so windy at times that Herman has actually put a chair up against the front doors to prevent them from blowing in against the wind. Not that he really thought this would happen, he was just being careful because the wind was so fierce that particular night. On those particular days, the wind is so intense, that I am really glad our builder was so circumspect with his placement of the windows. I specifically remember him putting in one particular window when the wind was just howling. I'm not sure he actually wanted to do it at that particular moment, but there was a piece of plywood where the window was supposed to be and I sort of pleaded with him to do it right then because the wind was coming through.

    That particular window was added late, but that's a whole other column about building houses and all the problems associated with that! But believe me when I tell you things can and will go wrong when building a house. Same with speaking into a computer, little adjustments must be made. It's just much easier to fix the column compared to fixing the house. So for the time being, I'll just deal with my mistakes here. Because I cannot imagine building another house.

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"