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    Mom Came to Visit

    She came about the second week in July! And I'm so happy that she did. The thing is every time I would call her, I would always ask her when she was coming. Her response was always that she was very busy that week, but she kept promising as to when she eventually would come to visit. Well, I kept calling and asking when that might be. Finally on Friday of that week that she eventually came she calls me and says, "I'm leaving in the morning, so I should see you by about 1."

    And that’s no small deal. She’s traveling from Cleveland, which usually takes about eight hours. She can do it in seven. But she doesn’t stop for anything once she’s on the road.

    And that's just like mom, no preamble no fanfare just the simple fact that she was coming! She did also say that we shouldn't buy anything in terms of food because she wanted to go out for dinner each night she was here. So Herman and I made reservations at two different area restaurants-we already had plenty of food here for breakfast. I asked my aide to please make sure that the guest bedroom sheets were clean. I actually went upstairs myself to make sure everything was just perfect. I made a phone call to Herman to ask him to please bring home some fresh flowers for the guest bedroom because mom was coming for the weekend.

    He brought home some beautiful roses and a glass vase (which I also asked him to get) and when we were ready, we both went upstairs again. I did this via my stair-lift, which I purchased locally here at a house sale after a neighbor who knew I was looking for one saw it advertised in the newspaper. I had told Herman that I didn't want to be unable to get upstairs. I'm not upstairs a lot. However, I just didn't want any barriers at all.

    Back to my mom being here! I had the loveliest visit with her, and it meant so much to me that she made the effort. She enjoys the beach and Lake as much as I do. The time went by too quickly but she promised to come back.

    There's something really neat about having your mom come to see where you live, well at least for me it is. What was really funny was how fast she got here. I know from driving to her house that it is eight hours minimum from here in Caroga Lake. She's just sort of laughed and told me she didn't want to drive that long because she was anxious to see us.

    So I’m really glad that Mom got to see Caroga Lake. Now I just have to work on my two sisters getting here.

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"