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    When The Writing Get’s Tough, The Writer Goes Shopping

    I tried to write a column to you from the lake via a remote digital recorder that then plugs into my computer and which I can download into text. Unfortunately, my "text" was unrecognizable laughter accompanied with sounds of wind and water. So basically my idea of writing you with me sitting in the water pretty much flew out the window. Instead, Herman and I took a long sail, two hours to be exact, and I’m making myself write this to you the following morning before I get outside to the lake.

    Might I also add that I have not had breakfast, but I have my swimsuit on! But I’m afraid my eggs are calling me, so I’ll come back to you after the sun sets! … So that idea pretty much never happened because I was too tired after the sun did set. Then the following week the weather was beautiful everyday, so I am writing to you now a full week later.

    But do you find, as I do, that life has a way of throwing you so many curveballs where all great plans get interrupted? I'm not simply talking about writing a column, I'm talking about, for instance a morning where you decide to pay some bills. Simple enough, right? Then you start to pay them, realized you don't have quite enough money, decide to wait until more money comes in. But you don’t want to make your plan a total waste, so you instead decide to sort through the mountain of mail that has been sitting there for a week. First you decide to get rid of all those catalogs that seemed to come in the mail every day.

    Now comes a bigger problem. You find something you must have. You find two things, maybe even three. It suddenly turns into not going through the mail, but shopping! And you have credit cards and you promise yourself that you won't go crazy and just get a few things. After all, you'll be getting paid again, each week, so there will be plenty enough money to do everything, including paying bills. You feel totally consoled at this moment, so much so that you reach in your bag to retrieve your credit card. You breathe a contented sigh of relief. Life is good. Shopping can resume, bills can wait.

    You feel stronger somehow as you move the pile of bills to one side and begin to earnestly shop through all those catalogs that you found so irritating just moments ago. And this is how I went from writing to you in the lake to having a major shopping trip and to now writing to you. A somewhat complicated journey but I got here!

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"