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    More Antics of Sally Spira

    Did I happen to tell you about my adorable kitten, Sally, falling out the window? In case I did, I apologize for doing it again. It’s just that she’s so incredibly humbled by the experience.

    It all started with a neighbor cat roaming the yard. Sally, who does not go outside, was having a staring contest with this cat for some weeks. One night as Herman and I lay in bed, we heard a terrific noise of cat yowling, then a thump and two cats yowling and snarling. Herman got out of bed to investigate and could not find Sally anywhere. What he did find was one of the porch screens hanging half out the window.

    He came back and reported to me in the bedroom the bad news. "It seems as though Sally got out. I’m going outside to try and find her." When he went outside, he looked around back and then came around front. It was at that moment that he saw her scampering across the neighbor’s front yard onto our front deck and into Herman’s arms. Clearly she did not want to be outside.

    Which suited me just fine. If you read my article on declawing, you know that both my cats have been declawed and are not meant to go outside. They are defenseless against the average roaming tabby and I certainly don’t want them picking up any bugs or diseases from other cats.

    This is my personal soapbox about domestic cats. Especially those that are declawed. They really need to stay indoors. Upon examination the next day we found a scratch on Sally’s paw and she was whisked to the vet’s for an examination and prescribed antibiotics. Which tasted awful, apparently, as she struggled valiantly against our attempts to give the drops to her orally. She’s a pretty strong willed little kitten. I wonder who she takes after?

    Sally has no problem playing with Sam, our other adorable feline, who outweighs her by at least 50%. What’s most hilarious is to see them bathing each other and then wrestling. Herman tells me they do it in a classic Greco-Roman style of wrestling. Whatever it is, it’s obviously based in love, because they get along great as companions to each other.

    In fact, when Sally fell out the window, both Sam and our Dalmatian Moxie were pacing the house searching for her in obvious distress. Moxie, who is allowed outside with supervision, searched the yard, but Sally came out of her own accord when she felt safe and when she felt like appearing. Isn’t that just like a cat?

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"