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    Moxie got a new dog bed

    So Terry, my aide, shows up to work one day in March bearing gifts. She had gotten some shampoo and conditioner that she knew Herman and I both like. She also came with a dog bed. She found it at Wal-Mart in Gloversville and it’s really adorable. As soon as she put it down, Moxie curled right up on it.

    You should know a little history about her old doggie bed. Because I don’t want her sleeping on our furniture, I place wicker baskets on the love seats and had her lay on a thin rug. This was obviously not comfortable, so I had gotten a dog bed about a year ago at Wal-Mart. She had torn that bed with her claws, we had recovered it, but that was also torn. The cats would often hide in the rip and peak out. But for all the cuteness of that, it desperately needed replacement.

    I was going to again recover the bed by going to JoAnn Fabric in Amsterdam (with the assumption that Terry would play seamstress again) but when she saw a complete bed that was inexpensive (and she could save a bunch of sewing and fitting) Terry jumped at the chance of giving Moxie a new bed. She also stuffed the old bedding into the new bed to make it all the more comfy.

    The cats have free reign of the house and can sleep anywhere they like. We have found Sally, in particular, in some very odd places-on top of the refrigerator, on the kitchen cupboards, in the window over the bathtub and even in the recycling basket. Of course, any new box or paper bag instantly becomes a plaything and place to curl up.

    Moxie’s new bed has a design of dogs on it. It’s hunter green as a background, She seems very proud of her bed. Since she doesn’t have quite the free run of the house that the cats have, she seems to treasure anything that is especially dedicated to her use. A small teddy bear that is hers (and used to be mine) is something she guards and carries like it is something special.

    The cats each sleep primarily on cushioned chairs beside the dog bed in the living room. Sally has taken to spending a lot of time at the foot of our bed as well. But that seems more likely because there is a bird feeder just outside the window by our bed rather than any reason to be close to Herman and I. Or maybe not.

    Speaking of the bird feeder, I haven’t had my rave about the squirrels yet this year. They seem to love the sunflower seed in the feeder and even eat the plastic around the feeder openings so it will flow faster. I wish we could keep the feeder for birds only. Each time the squirrel appears and I am in the room, I ask Herman to send Moxie out to chase them away. She thinks of it as a regular duty and seems to be eager (but never quite fast enough) as she chases out the door.

    But then there is that one red squirrel that Sally seems to have made friends with and bonded in a way I didn’t think possible. As they play and chase each other back and forth through the window and on the sill I can’t help but think the squirrels might have a place here after all. But Terry won’t be buying them any beds.

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"