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    The South Beach Diet in Caroga Lake

    So I went to see my doctor one day in late May. He happens to be in Albany and Herman said that since we’re down there, he’d like to go to the Albany Institute of Art and History to see a motorcycle show. It happened to have been a very sunny day, so while Herman went in to see all the motorcycles, I stayed outside with my aide, Terry.

    She first sun-blocked me, and as she was doing so a very nice gentleman in a suit and tie was walking into the museum and said, “Looks good. I’m next.”

    Terry’s response was swift, “You’re wearing too many clothes.”

    After laughing this off, I began to sunbathe in earnest. The only problem was, I was becoming very hot. Thinking quickly, Terry got my spray bottle out of the back of my wheelchair and began to spray me with lake water, because we had filled it up from the lake the day before.

    I must have been quite a sight to all these city folk. I was sitting there in my shorts and tank top while being sprayed with water. After Herman was done in the museum, Terry and I had noticed a Mexican Restaurant across the street with a ramped entry. This is where the three of us decided to go. The food was excellent, though Herman and I strayed from our South Beach Diet, which we’ve been on for a few weeks.

    As far as Herman can tell, he’s lost about 15 pounds. It’s harder for me to tell, in that I’m in a wheel chair and it’s difficult to weigh me. The diet’s a good one. The first phase really concentrates on eliminating carbohydrates. For instance, one of their dishes is called “surprise mashed potatoes.” What it really is, is mashed up and blended cauliflower with a bit of butter and non-fat cream. Herman and I were both really surprised at how much it tasted like mashed potatoes.

    I can’t really see much difference in my weight, judging by the way my pants and shorts fit, but I’ve been sticking to the diet pretty much anyway. The biggest thing I’ve cut out is my ice cream intake. I was usually good for ice cream after dinner every night. And now I’ll just opt for non-fat Jell-O or pudding. In the mornings every day I have fresh fruit, which is actually a “no-no” on the diet. But I just can’t give it up.

    So I’m keeping up my suntan schedule no matter where I am. Though I was happy to get back to Caroga Lake and the beach. No dieting from the sun for me, just lots of sun-block.

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"