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    Long Island, The Hamptons and Home Again

    So Herman and I went to Long Island to visit my sister and her family the second week of September. It was a beautiful weekend, better than many we’ve had this past non-summer. I was flipping out that I wasn’t on the beach on such a beautiful day as we were driving through Bronx to get to the Long Island Expressway and its bumper to bumper traffic.

    We made it down there in just under seven hours (the trip was about 260 miles). We’d been told there is no really good route for that trip and try as we might through Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Rand-McNally and various friends’ advice, it seems true. There is no good route.

    What we finally did was get directions from my brother in law. We figured that would be the best way since he lives there and has done the trip before. He said his route might not be the shortest or quickest, but it was less confusing than others and would get us there. He was right. Herman made no wrong turns the whole way there and back.

    We had a nice visit and of course while I was there I had to go to the beach. Now get this, there was a ramp all the way up to the deck above the beach, but to get to the beach itself there were about thirty steps and no wheel chair access. What’s that about? I was really surprised, especially it being such a big beach (West Hampton) and surrounded by so many multi-million dollar houses on Dune Road all the way to that inaccessible beach.

    Herman was surprised to find that the roads were in such poor repair as well. They must surely, he thought, have an adequate tax base for road repair with all these luxury houses. But it wasn’t so. You had to drive about 15 MPH to keep your teeth from rattling. Not that that kept the locals’ speed down. They all seemed to drive as if they were in a race.

    I’m happy to say that our van behaved well on the trip. Except for the fact that as we reached the Bronx (and the 84 degree temperature there) the A/C decided to quit. We had our windows down through the Bronx to keep the air moving (and the better to hear horns and comments from native drivers) and made it to the Hamptons in relative comfort. Once there, the A/C decided to start up again and worked the whole way home. Maybe it just had a thing against the Bronx and the L.I.E. I could understand if it did.

    So it was great to get home (as it always is) to our own beach (without crowds and perfectly accessible) and the beautiful weather awaiting us here. The visit to my sister and her family was really nice too, but there’s no place like home…

    "Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake here in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com"