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    When to Know Shopping is Done

    So are you tired of all the holiday shopping yet? I try to do all my shopping way early and I usually do it online. Hannukah is in just a couple of days. I donít have many people to shop for during this holiday. I think Iíll get my mom a nice pair of gloves. That shouldnít be too hard to find here.

    So as for the Christmas shopping rush Iím sure it has begun already. I already got Herman his gifts, as well he already gave me my Hannukah gifts. I canít imagine going into the stores at this time of year. I went to Peebles Department store in October and picked up some nice gifts at that time. I recently got a Peebles charge card and that makes me want to shop there.

    I also have an Eddie Bauer credit card and it makes it simple to shop there too. Now mind you I do this all online. And that certainly makes it easier. Herman has an LL Bean credit card so we also do a fair amount of shopping there.

    I sometimes shop at Wal-Mart for shampoos and stuff. But I imagine that store being a zoo this time of year. I also shop at Amazon.com and they have a lot of stuff. I traditionally buy myself and Terry some Banana Boat After Sun Lotion while Iím online there. They also have great chap sticks available. Iíve found that Amazon has a lot more than just books and music.

    If you want to try some of the less hectic stores I highly recommend Dundayís clothing on Main Street in Gloversville. They have both men and boys clothes as well as a lot of womenís clothes too. And Herman found some pre-owned Harley clothing at The Glass Onion also on Main Street in Gloversville.

    Then check out Main Street in Johnstown for shopping. There is a great bookstore not to mention fabulous Chinese food at the Peking in Johnstown. There is also a great kitchen supply store as well as CVS Pharmacy and many other small shops. There is also Aunt Millieís Bakery, and who wouldnít want to receive a sweet treat for the holidays?

    So shop to your hearts content in any way you feel fits. Iím definitely pro computer shopping. But I also must tell you that I get most of my pants at Dundayís and Iíll pick up whatever strikes me at Peebles. Happy shopping everyone!

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com