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    Surfing On Line and Shopping Locally

    I know Iíve told you that I buy all my Leviís from Dundayís Clothing on Main Street in Gloversville. I really wanted to get a white pair but he didnít have my size. He told me the earliest he could order them would be in the spring of 2005. Well we all know how I like to wait.

    So on to the internet I go. I did a quick search under Google for Leviís white denims. At first nothing came up. So I had Herman do a further search. He found some ladies denims but I have no idea what size Iíd wear. So rather than try to guess I simply insisted he do another search on Google. Luckily this time it came up and Herman went ahead and ordered them. I think they are coming from a western clothing shop out west somewhere in Oklahoma.

    Iíve been doing a lot of internet surfing lately. Probably because there has been so little sun. I was in the market to buy toothpaste. And I like a very specific one that I couldnít find in the stores anymore. Herman and I went to Amazon.com and were amazed to have found it there, so I ordered a case of toothpaste.

    The other things I have recently surfed for were turtle necks from LL Bean. What I do there is go to the childrenís department and order them in a boys extra large. I found it cheaper than going to the ladies department.

    Did I even mention to you that Terry has brought down all my turtle necks and taken up stairs all my tank tops for winter storage. I hated to see my summer things go up stairs but it was time. Iím in the market now for a flannel lined pair of jeans for Herman. Terry suggested I look at Farm and Country Store in Amsterdam. I of course would rather go to LL Bean but I also realize I can save a bundle by shopping nearby.

    I even have bought hot chocolate online at www.mrsfields.com . Itís really delicious and Iím glad I did it. Now remember last week I was urging you to shop locally which I still encourage you to do. But with my computer so handy and it being simple to get around web sites I found that I like shopping that way too.

    Its funny how sometimes things are cheaper in one place than another. I found some Banana Boat lotion I like on line at half the price in a supposed discount drug store. And I remember Herman ordering the latest Harry Potter book when it first came out at 40 per cent off retail. Since that is usually the discount to stores, Iím not sure how they do it. So shop however you want to as I await my Leviís white denims.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com