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    A Wake Up Call From Corky and Lenny’s

    Do you guys remember I was talking about this special soup that I picked up from Cleveland before I returned home at Thanksgiving? Well, I recently discovered that they have a web site and from this site you can order food to be delivered overnight.

    Herman wasn’t sure what to get me for Hannukah, so I suggested a corned beef on rye from Corky and Lenny’s. Their web site is www.corkyandlennys.com and they have a complete menu there. Herman, however, went me one better.

    I first realized there was something up when we got a wake up call on Hannukah eve from Corky and Lenny’s. They were making sure the order could be delivered on Hannukah, since their computer had been down the day before.

    The second clue I had that something was up was when my mom called to say she would be sending a jar of the special sour pickles I like from Cleveland in a care package. Herman protested that there was no need. Mom responded, “Whatever Kathy wants, I will get her,” and there was a stalemate. You should note that only my mom and childhood friend Giff get to call me Kathy, much to my chagrin. It doesn’t matter how many times I ask them to call me Kathryn, Kathy is just their way of knowing me.

    So my mom called back later in the evening to tell Herman about a web site that would clean out our computer of cookies and things. (Cookies are graphic images left in the computer upon visiting a web site and can slow up the computer.) Herman and my mom had a long, mysterious conversation while I was out in the living room watching TV.

    I pried it out of Herman after he got off the phone, that he had already ordered pickles for me from Corky and Lenny’s as part of my Hannukah gift and my mom offered to send more as soon as these ran out. Since a gallon had been ordered, they may last awhile. As of this past Hannukah, the order had arrived and I got more than corned beef, rye bread and pickles.

    It seems Herman found a T-shirt with the Corky and Lenny’s logo as well as a coffee mug with the logo. The guys at Corky and Lenny’s (there still is a guy named Corky there, by the way, who is partnered with Kenny now, I’m sure some relation of the original Lenny) threw in a water bottle with the logo and an extra loaf of rye bread. Oh, and Herman had ordered Challah bread too. All good stuff.

    So I had a very happy Hannukah with some of my favorite foods directly from Corky and Lenny’s in my home town of Cleveland. I hope you got everything you wanted for the holidays too.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com