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    A New Event Every Day

    Each day when Herman or Terry open the front blinds in every season there is a new event going on outside. This is because my front yard looks out on Caroga Lake; West Caroga Lake to be exact.

    During the winter time of year, I see a few die-hard ice fishermen walking along the lake with their ice drills, tip-up’s and folding chairs. It’s generally not a good idea to sit on the ice, I’m told. Not that I have any first hand information on that. I think those guys are nuts. I’m cold just going from inside the house to the car. I can’t imagine spending an entire day out there. Plus, we get terrific wind on this side of the lake. It’s got to be worse out there with no protection!

    Later on this month, there will be ice car races. Now this is particularly amazing to me. I’ll see the cars and trucks all lined up and just sitting on the ice waiting for the races to begin. I can’t believe the ice can sustain that much weight. They tell me they drill and make sure there is at least a foot of ice before racing, but still, it seems crazy to me. Actually, the show begins the day before when about four or five trucks with plows make a race course and parking lot on the lake. They are the first ones out there, so if the ice isn’t ready, I guess they are the first to find out.

    Then there are the snowmobilers. They were out there, it seems, right after the lake froze. I’m talking the middle of the lake here, which is 60 feet deep, not just the edges. Maybe they think going fast will keep them from going under, but it seems every year somebody proves that theory wrong.

    My favorite season, as you all know, is the summer time. I can see lots of boats out there, and even some “Wave Riders.” I’ve even spotted a couple of wind surfers. By far the most unusual thing I’ve seen is in late September or early October where there will be waders out there looking for all sorts of stuff in the water with metal detectors. One group makes a project of detecting glass in the beach areas, which is really nice.

    There’s not much going on in the lake in autumn or spring. Just a lot of people walking by and admiring the view which I get to see every day out my front window. There are of course the Canadian Geese coming and going, ducks and Loons and sea gulls. I especially like it when a mother duck brings her chicks by all in a row. I’ve even seen a muskrat or two. They’re kind of like a small beaver and fun to watch swimming and playing in the water.

    When I’m in the water during the summer, it’s really neat when fish swim by me just out of curiosity. That’s when I get to observe our road from the other direction, looking from the water as bikers and strollers go by waving and saying hello. So there’s a year round entertainment in front of our house from any direction. I don’t have to go to them, they come to me.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com