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    Chased Indoors By Raindrops

    So Terry and I were sitting outside at the beach about twenty minutes ago when we both all of a sudden felt raindrops. Thinking this was a good time to go in I decided to write to you guys. I recently went on a shopping spree at Peebles Department Store where I bought boxer shorts and some for Herman too. It was a hot and sunny day in early June when I decided to go grocery shopping. I went to ALDI’s Supermarket and while I was in Johnstown I had the bright idea to also go shopping at Peebles.

    It’s very difficult to get me out of the sun and the lake on a hot day. Remember how warm it was in the first part of June? That was the first time this year I spent the day in the water. Terry was busily splashing me to keep me cooled down, and I was in my glory. As Terry’s typing for me here the sun just came out again, I just mentioned that to her, and she responded with “ I could have had the bathroom cleaned by now, but you had me typing.” So back out to the sun I go. I’ll talk with you later.

    Well, I never really made it back out into the sun. A shower came through and then it got cloudy. Now Herman’s typing for me. He just got home after taking my handicapped accessible van for servicing. The air conditioning wasn’t working and it was about two thousand miles overdue for an oil change. Herman thought of it while he was down at the garage.

    So as I’m writing this to you now it’s raining again and I am for once this week wearing regular clothing, not just a bathing suit. The weather forecaster had said we were working on an official heat wave (three days above 90F) but we didn’t make it due to the clouds and rain today.

    I forgot to mention that during my shopping spree I also bought a brand new pair of tennis shoes. Reebok’s to be exact. Actually, Terry and I would up getting the same pair. They were on sale for $29.99 at Peebles and I couldn’t pass them up. They also had 4 T-shirts for $20, so I got Herman two and two for myself.

    So this is what I’m occupied doing on rainy days. When I get bored, I get on-line shopping as well. The other night I went Web-surfing for bathing suits on the Internet. I was able to find two that I liked and ordered them. One already came and looks good. Now I just need some more sunny days.


    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com