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    A Sad Day for Boating

    It was this past September 22nd, the first evening of autumn, according to the weatherman. It was a beautiful morning and Herman told me he was taking his last sail of the season.

    I was wearing a bathing suit and sitting on the beach with Terry. Herman did in fact take a nice long sail, then beached the boat right behind me and lowered the sail, boom and mast. His sail is in sad shape, and he took that in separately to measure it for replacement.

    We went on the internet and have yet to find the right sail as of this writing. But the saga continues as Herman had to get his boat on the trailer and bring it across the road behind the house where it will sit until next summer.

    Seems Herman has always had difficulty backing the trailer down the driveway into the lake, so he actually walked the trailer down to the lake this time. Terry helped him by holding the front of the trailer and Herman waded into the water to attach the rope to the front of the boat and crank it onto the trailer.

    This all sounds fairly simple, but nothing is ever simple when Herman makes a project of it. In the process he had to get a long stick to push the boat onto the roller when it came off one side. He also had several tie-downs because he was afraid the boat might come off the trailer when he accelerated up the beach to the road.

    Terry was guiding Herman the whole way across the street and told me later that she was really nervous the boat might fall off the trailer when Herman bumped over the crest of the beach onto the road. Thankfully, no such incident occurred, and no one got hurt either.

    I have yet to name this boat, although it comes with “Sunbird” written on the side. But that is really the model name, not a personal name. But I like anything with “sun” in it, so we may just leave it.

    So, this is part of the seasonal ritual. After the summer people leave the lake, Herman takes his boat out and we take our Adirondack furniture off the front deck to get ready for colder weather. Soon Herman will service the snow blower and we will look forward to winter’s coming in earnest. We already have our fuel locked in at a higher price than last year, and our wood supplier, Al Gessinger, is on alert.

    As we get ready for the fall season, my favorite time of year besides summer, I hope you are greeting the change of seasons happily. Have a happy Halloween tomorrow!

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com