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    Iím a game show fanatic

    Every evening at 7 p.m. I can be fund at the same place in my living room.  It actually starts at 6 p.m. after a long day on the beach.  It’s at about this time I go inside to watch the news. I first watch the local news and then the national news. Then the game shows begin.

    I’ve been watching “Wheel of Fortune” for many years. It’s on 7 p.m. on ABC-TV in this area. I then watch Jeopardy! Which airs from 7:30 to 8 p.m. Pat Sajak is the host and Vanna White is his sidekick. I did a quick search on Google and discovered Pat Sajak has mainly guest starred on shows playing himself when he’s not on the game show. It’s the same story with Vanna White.

    My guess is they both started out pursuing acting careers and when the game show was offered to them they jumped on it. Herman tells me Pat Sajak tried hosting a late-night TV variety show for awhile, but it fizzled.

    Alex Trebek is the host of Jeopardy!, having been a successful newscaster in Canada as well as game show host for other shows before Jeopardy! It seems both Sajak and Trebek have been on these shows forever.

    When I was much younger, I was a devotee of The Price is Right. If you remember, Bob Barker became popular on the game show Truth or Consequences which he hosted for 18 years before coming to The Price is Right. In 1993 there was an accusation of sexual harassment by a model on the show which was found to be untrue.

    I think I like game shows because they basically require no deep thought and for me it’s pure entertainment and at least in the case of Jeopardy!, you might even learn something.

    What really surprises me is the amount of cash that can be won on Wheel of Fortune (where you basically just have to guess letters of the alphabet) in comparison to Jeopardy!, where you have to have a pretty wide knowledge of information.

    There’s also an element of vicariously sharing in the fun of someone else’s good fortune. So now you know where I am every evening from 7 to 8. If you can tear me off the beach, that is.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com