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    Getting an NYPD Sweatshirt

    I’ve talked to you guys before about clothing I’ve gotten off people in New York City and Los Angeles. I have a friend I met via e-mail named Jerry. Actually Herman and I both know he and his wife. We’ve been to dinner at Lanzi’s On The Lake with them and they are planning to retire in the area.

    They come from Long Island, Nassau County to be exact. According to Wikipedia: “The westernmost end of Long Island contains the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens (Queens County), and the central and eastern portions contain Nassau and Suffolk counties. However, colloquial usage of the term "Long Island" or "the Island" refers only to the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties; the more urban Brooklyn and Queens are not always thought of as being part of Long Island, as they are part of New York City, though geographically they are part of the island.Nassau County tends to be the more urbanized and congested county, while Suffolk County tends to be more spaced, less built up, and even rural in the far east sections, such as The Hamptons and Greenport.”

    When I lived in the city, I was a frequent visitor to the Hamptons—Westhampton Beach, specifically. My eldest sister, who sadly passed away, lived way out in Suffolk County. That’s pretty much the tail end of the island.

    Anyway, I got this great sweat shirt from Jerry simply by asking. See, he’s a detective down there and not only sent me a shirt, but also a personalized coffee mug and water bottle. The coolest thing about all three of these things is they all have eith the NYPD emblem or the Detective’s Association, Inc. emblem. They aren’t knock-offs, but the real thing, because of Jerry’s vocation.

    Jen, Jerry’s wife, also works with the police department where they live. Having been a big fan of NYPD Blue, I peppered Jerry with questions about how the police department runs. I was most curious to see how accurate the teleplay of NYPD Blue was. According to Jerry, bits of it were accurate, but it’s a whole other ballgame being directly involved with it.

    Jen and Jerry have a seasonal camp not far from our house in Caroga Lake. There dream is to winterize it and move here year-round. We put them in touch with a contractor-friend of ours that worked on our house, and Tony helped them out a lot.

    So, I’ve added one more (very warm turtle-neck sweatshirt) to my collection and two drinking cups complete with my name.  I wonder who will be my next victim?

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com