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    Shopping with the Stars

    I've never been much of a store shopper, but when I was in California
    I did a lot more of it than I do now.

    Terry and I recently went to Peebles where I bought some bathing suits
    at the insistence of and courtesy of my mom.  I had sent mom a picture
    and she was horrified to see how I looked in my bikini, so off to
    Peebles Terry and I went.

    Had this been in California I would have had more choices but they all
    would have cost more dollars.

    One outdoor mall that I remember well from California was in an area
    of Beverly Hills called Century City. At the time I was very into lace
    and there was a store there called Victoria's Lace where I got a lot
    of stuff.

    Another mall there was called Santa Monica Place. It was an indoor
    mall and had a nice Eddie Bauer Home Store, when Eddie Bauer still had
    home stores. As the weather was so nice out there, an outdoor mall
    would usually cover all basic needs.

    There's also a mall called the Beverly Center in the West Hollywood
    area of Los Angeles. This is where I got my original "slouch socks"
    made by E. G. Smith which were popular in the 1980s.

    I notice in pictures of my sister when she was still alive that she
    had these same socks on. Herman detests these socks as they are
    difficult to get on and off. If you are curious about what they look
    like, go to egsmith.com and click on the "boot sock." You can also see
    them on foottraffic.com. Terry has gotten to the point that she darns
    them for me since they have gotten up to $10 a pair.

    But back to shopping.

    Another place that wasw fun to shop was the Third Street Promenade.
    There were estaurants and shops on a large street all outdoors. It was
    in Santa Monica.

    I was never so much in love with the Beverly Center, as it was a huge
    indoor mall and didn't really speak to me.

    It was very common to run into stars while shopping. They have to shop
    and eat too.

    I remember specifically being on Rodale Drive in Los Angeles when I
    was still able to walk with a cane. I ran into Michael Chiklis, Emmy
    Award winning star of The Shield. I had loaned about $40 to him years
    earlier when we were both working at a restaurant in New York City and
    he couldn't pay his electric bill.

    He was with his wife and kids at the time and when I smiled at him and
    asked him for my loan back, he said, "Gee, Kathryn, I only have
    plastic on me." I though that was ironic as he never had a dime nor
    plastic when I knew him years prior.

    Another fun place to shop was the first place I lived in Venice Beach.
    They had a strip of beach-side store fronts on what was called Ocean
    Avenue. You could get pretty much anything you wanted to eat or wear
    or drink there.

    I remember this one character that used to go around on rollers skates
    wearing a turbin and long dress although he was a guy.

    So that was the shopping scene in L.A. Now I do most of my shopping
    locally in Fulton County.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com