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    Angels in Disguise Helping Me Again

    Kelly and Terry, who are my primary aides along with Herman, decided to put a benefit on for me the second weekend in September.

    A few of the many who contributed were: Kim and Christine Young, Bob Ward, Mike Lewy, Robbie Shutts, Robert Tomlinson, Ralph Ottuso, Sandy Suchy, Phyl Berger, Debbie and Mark Finkle, Deborah Goodrich Royce, Edie and Gene Horn, Jerry and Jen from Long Island, Leonard Nyman, Susie Nyman, my sister Debbie Cohen, Knesseth Israel Synagogue, my Aunt Renee and Uncle Erry, as well as my cousins Larry and Shirley and many individual donors who were very generous and literally hundreds of others whose names I can’t possibly list here and the many email responders I haven’t heard from in years who came to my rescue.  Kenny Morrison, Eric Smith and John Brueggemenn cooked all day for the crowd. Everyone has helped make this a huge success.  Herman and I researched vans on the Internet and found a site in Georgia called AMS vans where we were able to find a reasonable van for sale.  It is supposed to be shipped up here next week and I can’t wait to receive it.  Remember, there is no rust to speak of in Georgia as they don’t use salt in the winter.  This van is a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan and we have seen pictures of it as well as researched its history on the Internet.    

    Thanks to the good graces of my aide, Kelly I have been able to use her van to get me from place to place.  She has a son Jason who has MDA who is also wheelchair bound and they recently got a wheelchair van that she has been letting me use.  So thanks to Kelly and Jason I am not stuck in my home until I get my van.   

    But back to the benefit.   It was held at the Red Store here in Caroga Lake and I was blown away by the attendance.  We had a full BBQ lunch including hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breasts, corn on the cob, baked beans specially made by Nadine Morrison, salads and chips.  Also we had a big punch bowl from McDonalds in Johnstown and coffee.      

    I would like to publicly thank our whole community for really pitching in for this event.  Hopefully, by next week my dream of a new van will be realized and will be at my front door as the dealer said it would be.  The idea was Terry and Kelly’s and they made it all happen.  Thanks you guys!

    Did I forget to mention that Herman and I sold our 1995 Town and Country Entervan, which was a handicapped accessible van we used for many years.  I remember when Herman brought this van home, I was like “what do we need this for?” Herman said he was getting tired of lifting me into his Ford Explorer and thought this van would eliminate a lot of problems for us.  Which I am happy to say it did.

    Hopefully this new van will be as helpful.  It is Hunter green just like the old one and I can’t wait to see it (picture of new van below).  Talk to you next week.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com