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    Two Degrees of Separation

    So I wrote to you guys last week about my new favorite singer Michael Johns from American Idol 2008. I got a quick reply from my friend Stacey Dutton as follows:

    “Michael Johns is actually a friend of ours. I'll see if he has anything (cd's etc) that I can send you. Best, Stacey Dutton”

    I was ecstatic upon reading this, so I’ll enclose my next flurry of e-mails back and forth with Stacey that went on into the night.

    Me: Stacey!
    You made my day! And that's saying a lot since I've been on the beach today in the sun, my favorite place! I think it's great if you can get any of his music. Please let him know he has a huge fan in a small town in upstate, NY, (Caroga Lake) and he's the subject of my column this week for the paper which circulates in three counties as well as on their Web.   

    Is he as laid back and normal as he appears?
    So great to hear from you-I hope you are well. My mailing address for the CD (yeah!) is….Love, Kathryn

    Stacey: Michael is an extremely sweet, cool guy. My husband ran into him a few weeks ago and he's still the same guy he was before Idol. I'll look into getting stuff for you asap...also, check out a new project of mine; the Web site will officially launch in September, but I think you'll be intrigued: Worldsings.com will be a global, online American Idol-type site. You can see a temporary homepage, but click on "Rules and Regulations" and you'll understand what it's all about. I'll keep you posted, and will absolutely try to find Michael and get some stuff for you!!! Lots of love, Stacey

    Me: Great! I checked out the site and looks good (didn't read all the rules and regs yet)-It's all happening on the Web! Looking forward to the music-P.S. What's your husband do-if you told me I forgot-Sorry!- -Kathryn

    Stacey: When I was hosting a show for Discovery Network... I met and married my husband, Joe Tamel. Joe is a TV director as well as a director of photography and bass player...a real multi-tasker! For the past four years now, I've been a casting director for the E! and Style Network shows...xo Stacey

    Me: Remind me where you are living these days?

    Stacey: Unfortunately, Los Angeles!!!! Still pining for NY...Someday!!!!

    Me: We live in the southern Adirondacks on a lake with a beach about 1 1/2 hrs northwest of Albany-love it here! Love it if you could visit! I enclose picture-Kathryn

    ( I had sent a picture of myself and Herman in our beach.)

    Stacey: You live in true beauty, true peace...we live in...well...!!! My husband, my two kids and I will be in NY for Christmas and New Years. Perhaps then? XO Stacey

    Me: That would be great! We think the summer is best here, but then you don't get much snow in L.A....Tell me about the kids...Kathryn

    Stacey: I'm not sure if I told you, but I adopted my children. They were both born in Korea. My daughter is 14 now. She came when she was three months old. My son is 11, and he came when he was five months old. They are both intelligent, beautiful, amazing humans - you'd love them. I'm attaching some photos. They are both really smart kids - both are in "highly gifted/talented" programs at school, and their talents will bore you to death by the time I list them all! My son, at 10, starred in his school musical, and my daughter is a [great] drummer, dancer, gymnast...I'll stop now!!! :) proud mom I am...
    Nice story: In the fall of 1997, I was selling my house in New York State, to Marcheline Bertrand, Angelina Jolie's mom. Angelina was 19 at the time, and she came with her mom several times to see the house (for the inspection, etc). She was only 19 at the time, but she showed particular interest in my kids, asked me all about their adoptions, etc...Cut to years later, she adopted her first child - a little Asian boy - Maddox! I'm sure my kids inspired her in some sweet way.
    Enjoy the photos of my angels...xoxo Stacey

    So, you never know what contacts will pop up from your past with a response about a present column. Right now I’m really looking forward to hear Michael John’s latest!

    Hope you enjoyed the correspondence as much as I did.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com