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    Love Now and Then

    So I’m telling Herman just last night about my illustrious history with boyfriends. This is just after I read an article in People Magazine about Edie Falco and the fact she just adopted two young children as a single parent.

    The article said after Edie finished treatment for breast cancer in 2004, she wanted to take on parenthood.

    “She says she had talked about having kids with the men in her life. ‘The relationships didn’t pass the test of time, but the kid thing didn’t ever go away.’”

    The People article said men in her past included actors John Devlin and Stanley Tucci.

    When Edie and I were working together waitressing she was dating and living with actor Tom Sizemore. Tom was a regular at the restaurant/bar “Formerly Joes” and I can remember many a late night counting tips and tipping out the “bar backs” (sharing tips with busboys and other setup help) while he, Edie, I and the rest of the staff had cocktails and checked out.

    You may remember Tony Bourdain and Michael Chiklis also worked with me there, and besides commiserating acting woes we all shared continual broken hearted relationships.

    It wasn’t until later years when I saw Chiklis on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. with his family. And he gave me his good old boy greeting that I saw he was finally settled and happy.

    What I gleaned from the article about Edie is that she is very happy and fulfilled with her new family even though a man isn’t involved.

    I remember from double dating with Julia Roberts that she used to call us “the (expletive deleted) magnets.”  At that time she had two failed relationships in succession: one with Jason Patric and later with Keifer Sutherland. During that same time I probably went through four or five guys, two of whom I almost married, (one where he wanted it more and one where I wanted it more) both aspiring actors. In fact, with one intended I went as far as having my Mom and sisters fly out to L.A. to book locations for the wedding. It never got that far with the other.

    One of my former aspiring actor friends named Geri used to date John Stewart of Dailey Show fame before he became well known. She also reported he was a jerk in the relationship.

    So I came out of L.A. single and unscathed love-wise and wound up here in upstate New York. As I say, “I met a guy” who lived in Mayfield and after that fizzled I met Herman. That was about 14 years ago and we’re still going strong. (Knock wood.)

    I hear Julia is happy with her family (she married cameraman Danny Moder and had twins. This I also learned from People Magazine).

    I hope my other acting buddies from those days are doing as well today.

    Kathryn Spira, a native of Cleveland who pursued an acting career in NYC and Los Angeles, now pursues free lance writing from Caroga Lake in Fulton County. Previous columns may be accessed at her web site www.kathrynskorner.com